Cindy Galvin


Day by day, what you choose, what you think and
what you do is who you become” -Heraclitus
Early experiences mold a lifetime I was five when I realized I was different.
It’s when I first remember my sister telling me how ugly I was and she laughed at my ‘funny’ legs and ‘ugly’ orthopaedic shoes. Some of what she said was true. There was one portrait of me in our home while there were many of her – the professional model. I’d been born with both legs doubled in half with my feet resting on the inside of each thigh. Casts put on my legs after
birth straightened them while I grew, while at night I wore shoes affixed to a steel bar that forced my feet into the correct anatomical positions.

I was 17 when weekly visits to the podiatrist and the wearing of corrective shoes stopped. It coincided with leaving for university and sparked an incredible sense of freedom I’d never felt before. The external evidence of the defects had receded by then, but it
would take years for the internal scars to heal. I now view the birth defects as a girl because I developed early on an acute empathy for others and the drive to succeed. I vowed that nothing would hold me back. It’s no surprise I’ve been drawn to roles that allowed me to travel the world and learn from the
incredibly diverse people I met and worked with.

Meet Cindy...

Cindy Galvin is a keynote speaker, non-executive director, clinical
hypotherapist, certified in Conversational Intelligence™ and Lifestyle Prescriptions®, and a licensed trainer of NLP™. Cindy utilizes a knowledge of neuroscience and how the brain works to create change in individuals, management and sales teams that makes them happier and more successful in their professional and personal lives.

Her career is characterized by having regularly stepped outside the comfort zone to achieve milestones in the male-dominated nuclear fuel and energy brokerage and trading industries she worked in for decades.

Cindy was an investigative reporter in Chicago before

moving to NYC to write about the nuclear industry.

At 29, and having discovered a
passion for markets, she helped launch a nuclear fuel brokerage
company that revolutionized within months the way nuclear fuel was priced. She was one of the few women in this industry at the time, the youngest person and the only woman to have started a business like this.

Cindy helped grow the company for over a decade before forming her own nuclear fuel consultancy. She provided analysis for government agencies and some of the world’s largest nuclear
utilities and fuel suppliers while writing articles on nuclear issues
that were regularly published in business magazines and daily

Cindy Galvin

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