We ALL are a product of  nature and nurture. The circumstances we are born into, opportunities presented  and taken, unique experiences that create our history and patterns, combine to form who we are, what we desire, what we can handle, and what we want to handle, shapes our destiny. These decisions significantly
impact our financial and emotional foundation and most importantly, creates a ripple effect on our experiences that impact our lives and those around us.

We can find ourselves as a reflection of others, not living the life we truly desire, until a moment in time an epiphany occurs, that makes us take stock of our present reality. This awakening can positively impact the next course of action we take, or stop us like a deer in headlights, retreating to what is comfortable and familiar but allowing no opportunity for growth.

I live each day...

" ... with three words in mind… Strength, Balance and harmony "

Claudia is not only an entrepreneur, but a business owner, investor, writer, and philanthropist.

She has lived through many changes in the course of her career, to find balance and positive impact, dedicated to helping others turn their dreams into their own personal success stories.
A successful corporate career left her with little time for her children and she wanted something more – to balance family demands and take control of her life, So she took a giant leap of faith and struck out on her own which opened the door to immense positive impact and global change.

Through lessons in her life, she realized there were three fundamental aspects to building something successful. The 3 Pillars of Possibility™: Business, Emotional and Financial understanding and support, are her fundamental guidelines to building something successful . Without the proper support, we hesitate to take on the unknown. One, surrounding yourself with the proper network to support your emotional growth is essential to growing as a person and a business. She came to this realization after years of cultivating an amazing network of people to support her dreams.

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