Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock


What does it take to be the kind of leader that changes the world and creates a greater future for all? From my perspective, the greatest leaders have a “global wellness” perspective, where the thrival of every element of their lives, of other lives, and of the planet now and the future, are included in their choices.

As leading women, we are in a unique position to lead, nurture and empower from the perspective of global wellness. We have the ability to acknowledge the oneness of all things and how each can contribute to the benefit of the other. This leads to not only empowering other women, but empowerment of all, with no exclusion.

Everyone, no matter age, sex, gender, culture, experience or background has something essential and unique to contribute. How we accomplish this begins with being a conscious leader and catalyst for change in our own lives and that of others by remaining always curious, asking questions, and challenging limitations — including the ones that are self-imposed.

One of the greatest challenge women have is learning to include ourselves in the global wellness picture. In the process of creating a greater world – do you include you? Do you consider your body? Your financial happiness, your instincts, and innate awareness of what is possible in the world?

Meet Laleh...

A seasoned executive, life-long entrepreneur, CEO of Belapemo, President of Global Wellness For All, and conscious parent, Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock dedicates her career and personal life to inspiring and empowering people to exponentially grow their lives and businesses.

In the last 30 years, Laleh has built top-notch and successful consulting firms, service organizations and product companies. What makes Laleh’s leadership and her companies unique is their ability to partner with clients to turn every scenario from “that is impossible” to “everything is possible”. The mountain may, at first, appear intimidating; however, once you realize it is not more significant than you, it can be overcome and conquered. The next question will be, “What else is possible that you have not even imagined?”

Laleh has built dynamic teams that specialize in empowering individuals and organizations to increase efficiency and promote growth; to create new divisions or service lines; and to discover overlooked opportunities to create a sustainable culture that values, rewards, and challenges each employee to achieve their maximum potential. 

Whether Laleh and her teams are partnering with a Fortune 500 company to create $14M in savings, facilitating an entrepreneur around the globe to create a business or increase revenue, or providing tools on greater wellness in their lives, Laleh and her teams are determined to do whatever it takes to empower clients to not only reach, but exceed their desired targets.

Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock

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