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How does one find inspiration in the mundane activities of life? How do you find your way amidst the fragments of dreams and desires? These are questions each of us thinks about as we navigate our space in the world. Here are some ways we are able to recognize the therapeutic resonance of art.

When we lift our eyes to heaven, or we find inspiration in nature that is never hurried, but harrowed in season. When we find moments of wonder in a sunset, or a sunrise, painted by the Greatest Artist who lives eternally. We remember that we are His creation made in His likeness.

When we are given opportunities to look at those we encounter even in the brief moments of our life through the eyes of our maker, we realize that we are like walking pieces of art in all our varied hues.

We are all artists on this planet set free to paint our strokes on the hearts we meet at different stages in our lives.

What we become rests on the strokes that lift us in the bleakest moments of our life.

The lines that draw us and the lines that move us, create the lines that shape us.

Meet Lancia...

Lancia has made it her life mission to help those looking to reclaim the art of communication in the digital world. Inspired at a tender age by parents who were the epitome of style and design (her mother a designer of handbags, and embroidery, and her father gifted with impeccable style and grace), and who communicated through letters, cards and gifts, instilled in her a deep sense of warmth and appreciation in relationships.

With her innate flair for Fashion, and Design, and through her extensive international travels, Lancia sought Modern architecture as her palette for developing her own artistic style and design to create beauty in the world.

Lancia owns and operates a boutique Art and Design company, Lancia Designs. As a curator and creator of A Polished Lifestyle, Lancia creates stunning polished pieces of art on metal and glass. In her pursuit of relentless creativity, she finds novel ways of capturing her love for modern architecture; creating exquisite polished Gift Boxes, and luxurious Invitations and Stationery. A firm and ardent believer in the Art of Appreciation, she creates one of a kind Thank You Cards, and Note Cards that leave an indelible impression, strengthening her relationships with her partners, friends and families.

Lancia Soans

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