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Like many families, my story starts at home, I cannot be thankful enough for having the best and friendliest parents possible. It’s not just me saying this, my whole school, my friends and the neighbors
think so too.

“Mom’s your first friend, best friend and forever friend.”
– Arabic Quote

This quote speaks for all of us that are fortunate to be blessed with parents, who encourage us and believe in ourselves. Their love paves the way for us to explore the miracle-making powers that lay dormant within us. I clearly understand, at a very early age that I must meet a rigorous set of high standards that will never be lowered to make it easy for me. I accept at a young age that I could do anything and, with this fact, my confidence within myself grew.


“High expectations are the key to everything.”
– N. Walton

Parental attitude is extremely important in shaping a child’s future. Children are natural imitators. We are born to instinctively trust our parents, and through our parents’ influence, learn to trust ourselves. You may tell a child one hundred times a day to smile but, if he sees a frown on the parent’s face, that is the expression the child will unconsciously imitate. Words alone are not enough, but set a good example, that is the lesson the child will unconsciously imitate your every move.

“The best kind of parent you can be, is to lead by example.”
– D. Barrymore


Meet Marium...

Dr. Marium Murad, Founder of ‘Movement Is Blessed’©, is recognized internationally for 25 years as a pioneer in developing a natural exercise program, which emphasizes utilizing the body’s natural motion for health and harmony. Originally made for her mother. “Her work is brilliant, she is gracious, kindhearted, and inspirational. Her intellectual rigor, perseverance and passion for helping people is exceptional.”  (IAOTP) After graduating Fatima Jinnah Medical College,

 Dr. Murad marries her fiancé in the petroleum industry, and while living internationally, she specializes in east/west, traditional/cultural, new/old techniques of healthy living, healing, aging and longevity. This broad spectrum of A to Z global remedies provides the robust foundation for her program, which soars to extraordinary heights in a very short time.
“Dr. Murad’s work has worldwide recognition for her continuous commitment and dedication to making
a difference in the daily life of the average person.” (Continental Who’s Who)

Marium Murad

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