Paula Neva Vail


“Why am I so happy?” I am asked – over and over – for as long as I remember. It may be the big smile on my face, sharing a kind word with someone, or spontaneously dancing to a song. I have these joyous moments without thinking why I feel such joy.

Happiness is my natural state of being and my birthright. I welcome each opportunity to express it. This does not mean there aren’t times that I must consciously reject negative thoughts and choose to 

smile by reflecting on all the good things in my life — for which there are many.

I have seen tragedy and experienced sadness just like every other person. I faced challenges with strength from the very day I came into this world. I was born premature weighing less than 3 pounds. My anxious parents were told I would probably not survive the night. I must have had a strong will to live, even then, for I not only survived in good health but thrived.

Meet Paula...

Paula Neva Vail, Owner of Wellness Inspired, is recognized nationally as a powerful advocate of personal empowerment. From customers to friends, from brief interactions to professional connections, Paula’s greatest gift is to inspire others, and in so doing, helps make this world a better and happier place.

Prior to her Reiki practice and radio show, Paula was Manager/Owner of a popular Tacoma area restaurant for 27 years. Paula’s sunny disposition and tenacious spirit created an environment that kept customers coming back for great food, friendly service, and a jolt of positive energy.

“Positive energy can and will help others in a plethora of different ways, but just like everything else, there is a process to using it and cultivating it.” She brought her talents to radio, hosting the first internet talk radio show on Voice America: “For the Love of Reiki.”

She hosted the show more than two years and loved every moment. In 2015, she expanded to other networks and TV, re-naming the show: “Choices: Finding your Joy”, on Seattle, AM Radio 1150KKNW, as well as You Tube.

Paula was featured in New York City’s Times Square by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional. Among awards too numerous to mention, Paula was honored for life and business achievements — twice by Women of Distinction Magazine — 2015 edition — and the cover story of the 2017 edition; in 2018, Paula was featured on CUTV News in NYC., as well as a feature story in “ICE” Magazine. Paula was honored “Top Wellness Coach of Year 2017”; and “Top Female Professional of 2018” by the International Association of Top Professionals; and “Best of Tacoma” in the Wellness category for three consecutive years.

Paula Neva Vail

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