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The Olympic Games invite millions of people to watch world-class athletes ‘Go for the Gold’ in 300 events. Think of the years of discipline, focus, and training to get stronger, faster to shave milliseconds off finish times…truly astounding! Guts and attitude make an Olympic athlete. Our mental attitude develops the incredible inner strength to face the challenges along the way, no matter how we define success.

Attributes of an Olympic Mindset: Olympic athletes share a mindset that overcomes defeat and moves forward, setting their sights higher than before. And, finally, the realization you compete only with yourself makes us stronger.

Trust and Believe… 43 years as a long-distance runner…I know! This mind set…the heart set… serves all areas of life…spirit, mind, body, and purpose. On my life’s journey, I studied how athletes became Olympians. In my humble, yet, enlightened opinion, it is by cultivating the following mental attitudes.

Will Power:
Winning is not easy; you always have a tough price to pay, and it doesn’t come overnight. Thinking positively becomes a way of life and naturally leads to dreams and heart desires coming true. A positive a􀆫tude bridges the gap between dream and fact with speed and certainty and the added strength to brave and conquer whatever is necessary for still greater achievement.

Meet Rhonda...

Rhonda Maria Farrah, DRWA, is a visionary and inspirational leader who has spent the past 25 years applying the power and impact of the mind and spirit as crucial in creating personal and professional success – The life we desire – rather than merely living a life of default.

Coach, Author, Speaker, and licensed Art of Feminine Presence™ teacher specializing in LIFEstyle Empowerment, has done consulting work with clients and companies including international Centers for Spiritual Living, and the US Open Wellness Team.

Rhonda authored several books: The Journey; Inspirations…Thought 4Today… Thought 4 LIFE!; and completing: How to Forgive, Live & LOVE … During the Process of Divorce … A Journey in Healing & Transformation.

RHONDA is featured in America’s STAR Entrepreneurs…an inspirational classic along with some of America’s most admired personalities – including Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, and Denis Waitley.

Rhonda Maria Farrah

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