Shelley Joy


“We swim in a sea of digital ubiquity but how as citizens and artists can we truly benefit from the tsunami of ideas, information and image in the new digital era, fake or real?”

I believe that to become an artist particularly a painter is a life-time commitment and osmosis. You sign up on the imaginary do􀆩ed line for life with your heart, faith, soul and spirit – and
you keep to your code of painting daily, weekly, yearly. Artistic evolution evolves for a reason.

When I was a teenager, I had the audacity and ambition to be a good painter. But it is the knowledge that comes with trial and error that makes you honest and humble. Over and over again before you develop – and keep developing – before the accomplished hand of an artist truly manifests.

Human beings, I feel, are instinctively attracted to COLOR whether they realize this innate attraction or not – we are born into

a world of primeval color and charms of nature, space, movement, time
and light. Nature explodes with color in the world. So, by my own appreciation of nature, color is the true manifestation and harmolodics of light and shapes and being and form combined.

Today, I paint as an abstract colorist by preference Schopenhauer said “All art aspires to the condition of music” – he must have had Bach and Beethoven in mind – meaning all art aspires towards the condition of abstraction and I would add in painting toward the condition of hue, of shades, of color. However, to learn to appreciate color and pale􀆩e for landscapes based on the Parisian and The Hudson River school of landscape art – primarily to learn about atmosphere and color values, this theory of color also
involves science. It is important to me to paint from the “MODEL” from the human form.

Meet Shelley...

Shelley Joy is a uniquely spiritual American artist who from her early years was touched by the unity of color in nature as it applies to the duality of purpose in the human condition – both comic and tragic – in God’s creation.

Her interests and influences are not simply in the USA. At age 15 she held her first exhibition at the historic Museo de San Miguel de Allende in Mexico continued her studies in Greece at the Aegina Arts Center.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to New York City in 1978 to pursue her artistic vision in acting, comedy, dance, music and painting. 

She received formal studio training at the Boston Museum School of
Fine Arts and the Arts Students League in New York.

Shelley believes that to become an artist you sign up on the imaginary dotted line for life. You venture your heart, soul and spirit with the knowledge that success can come only with the experience that trial and error bring. Her awareness of comedy, music and the theatre
give her paintings the sense of the dramatic and mysterious. Whether observing her Mountain Series or her modern abstractions, the viewer perceives evidence of a deep empathy for the texture of sensuality in nature and the sensitivity of character in the human frame.

Shelley Joy

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