Tina Tehranchian


If you truly follow your passion you will succeed. You will live
a happy and fulfilled life and will be able to maximize your
contributions to your community, your family and to the world.
Success is not all about money. There are many more dimensions
to success and happiness than simply the financial dimension.
The impact that you make on the life of your family, your
community and the world is a big part of your success. If you
measure success only in monetary terms you will never be satisfied
and will never feel truly happy.

A life of following one’s passion is a life well-lived and will likely be a life that is more impactful than a life spent in pursuit of financial goals only.

As a leader you need to be compassionate and need to deeply understand the needs and desires of the people that you are leading. Showing love and compassion for those who depend on you will ensure that you will be treated with love and compassion
in your time of need.

Meet Tina...

Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP©, CLU©, CHFC©, is among the first-ever group of Certified Financial Planner(CFP®) professionals in Canada to receive the FELLOW of FPSC™ distinction from the Financial Planners Standards Council in 2011. This distinction formally recognizes individuals who helped advance FPSC’s vision of seeing Canadians improve their lives by engaging in financial planning.

A financial advisor since 1991, Tina is a senior wealth advisor and branch manager at Assante Capital Management Ltd. and specializes in assisting business owners and self-employed professionals in building wealth and developing sound financial and estate plans. She also
specializes in charitable tax planning strategies and helping philanthropic
Canadians multiply their bequests to charities while reducing their taxes and leaving more money for their heirs.

Tina Tehranchian

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